Saying Bon Voyage: Tips for Sending Children to Summer Camp

You’ve done all of the research and found the perfect sleepaway camp for your children. Next step is to make sure everything from packing to “Parents Day” goes smoothly.  Not to worry, new camp parents: You got this! Here are some helpful hints for sending your children away for the first time.

Don’t Overpack

That burdened feeling while on vacation from over packing with accessories, extra layers, and shoes only to unpack them upon arriving home is the same burden your children may feel with an overpacked suitcase. Channel that mindset when packing your kids for camp. Consult them and be realistic about what they will need and use while away. You want them to have everything they need, but beyond the ability to keep their space tidy while away, they won’t use half of what you think you think they will. They’ll thank you later when they don’t have to struggle to repack all of the extras.

Let Them Adjust

If your kid skips off happily into camp the very first minute — terrific. But don’t count on it. Even a rocky start can lead to a beautiful experience. It’s important to keep in mind that your child just successfully adjusted to a new way of living while away. After having the time to settle into their camp routine, they might come back to discover that they miss it. There will also be an adjustment period when they return. Don’t take it personally. There will be plenty of things they will appreciate about being home, just give them time.

Take Some Time For Yourself

Now is your chance to finally stop obsessing over the house and your multiple to-do lists. You’ll be worried, sure. Getting used to having your kids away at camp can take some time, and some letting go. But with a little effort, and a little time to yourself, you’ll be savoring it all in no time.

Allow Them to Re-Connect

If your child seems even more addicted to their phone or computer when they get home, it’s probably normal. It’s possible that your child missed out on Internet time while they were gone. Maybe they want to catch up on social media posts. It’s also possible they’re attempting to keep up relationships made at camp. Encourage your child to grow long-distance friendships. They will benefit from growing their circle of connections, especially those located in other cities and states.



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