Joyous and Free

For the growing girl realizing her own independence and social consciousness.  Our boho inspired styles carry girls through these fun, happy, yet messy years where girls are finding the freedom to express themselves.  Perfectly imperfect, Joyous and Free, is designed for our free spirited trendy Tweens who want something fashionable, but appropriate.   10% of proceeds support causes that help children rise about social issues that prevent them from being given the opportunities they deserve.

In the Moment Fashion

Not overly trendy and thus dated, Joyous & Free creates clothing that is fashionable yet unique for girls entering teenage years. We aim to create original prints with fun embellishments which promote individuality and self-expression. Joyous & Free brand empowers maturing girls to grow into their individuality.

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Joyous & Free by HAVEN Children is our pre-teenager clothing brand for the active young woman. The brand's fashionable clothing and accessories are created to celebrate children being children. We create clothing that integrates quality and consciousness into original garments for your children. We hold education—whether it be internal, for your children, or in the world at large—in high regard.

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We create original clothing to promotes individuality and self-expression. Our efforts in sustainability and social responsibility guide our everyday interactions with the world.

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