Indoor and Outdoor Winter Activities for Families

Winter activities with our families become essential for sanity come February when winter weather in most parts of the U.S. doesn’t let up for months. Whether your family is outdoorsy or the cuddle-up-by-the-fire type, we have some ideas for wintertime activities.

Rent an Airbnb and Snowshoe

Whether or not you live near a mountain region, snowshoeing can be a family adventure! In areas like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, families can enjoy nights by the fire or in a hot tub in an AirBnb, and days out frolicking in the snow.

Join Your Local Community Center

Even if you already have a gym membership, and won’t use the fitness center, community centers are a place for your children to meet other children they may not attend school with. Your neighborhood’s parks and recreation center probably offers many fun and educational classes you didn’t know existed so close to home. Think: computer education, crafts, and astronomy.

Do a Good Deed

When the weather has you cooped up indoors, your family can still get out! Consider volunteering at a food bank, animal shelter, or homeless center this winter. Even if it means simply gathering the food for a bank—it’s another chance to do a good deed.

Ice Skate 

Looking for an ice skating rink in your city? Some cities even have rinks in local shopping malls. Check with a college or university for “family hour” for a day of (hopefully not falling too much) on ice. For sportier families, try for a game of hockey on an outdoor rink.

Get Organized

Organizing is not as fun for the kids (unless adults help make it fun!). Involve the entire family in one day of organizing the house. Challenge everyone to donate a set number of items. The winner is the family member who donates the most useful items for those in need.


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