6 Ways to Enjoy Fitness and Wellness as a Family

As parents, WebMD says we should aim for our children to have 60 minutes of exercise per day. With all of the extracurricular activities, 60 minutes per day on our watches as a parents can be tough to accomplish. That’s not even considering the challenge of incorporating fitness and wellness into quality family time. It’s a constant balancing act. With that in mind, here are five ways to enjoy fitness as a family.

Meal Prep

Involving the entire family in meal prep can be less work for the cook in the house, and also allows a teaching opportunity. Challenge children to come up with one meal using foods from the food pyramid, and just like that meals are planned that they’ll actually eat!

Walk or Run for Charity

Signing your entire family up for a charity walk or run, not only will allow you to experience fitness as a family unit, you can teach your little ones about new charities and causes. There can be added impact in choosing a meaningful charity as a family.

Exercise Videos for Children and Parents

Sources like FitnessBlender are excellent outlets for routines that are approachable for both children and parents. While it may not be as extreme of a workout as parents need, it can be an added bonus to what would be an otherwise chill night at home.

Commercial Break Workouts

No shame in some television time with the family. Sit-ups, squats, and push-ups are all small exercises that can be done during commercials. For Netflix and HBO NOW families, try doing repetitions before the next show loads.

Morning Commute Sans Car

If possible with your schedule, neighborhood, and lifestyle consider ditching the car for a morning commute on foot or by bike. In bike-friendly cities like Portland Minneapolis, we see parents biking alongside their children!


For those of us who live in a city with accessible trails, hiking is one of the best ways to exercise and take in fresh air. Check online with your state’s park department for difficulty levels, and if you plan on bringing everyone in the family, there’s usually guidance for trails that are best for dogs.

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