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We create clothing for families that prioritize quality and impact over all else.

Jennifer Myers

Position: President, Director of Business Operations
Hometown: San Diego
What inspires you? Knowing that Haven Has the power to reach girls around the world and help them reach their full potential. Dream big ladies!
Must-have HAVEN Children clothing items? Wyldson outdoor explorer themed shorts and t's for my wild son!
What’s something quirky about you? I love exploring with my son. From the seat on my bike handlebars to riding piggy back paddling my surf board, Zach and I will see you outside!

Robin Jones

Position: VP + Director of Brand Strategy
Hometown: San Diego
What inspires you? The belief that we all make an impact whether we like it or not. So why not choose a good one.
Must-have HAVEN Children clothing item? I love the girlie details on our Havengirl and Joyous and Free rompers.
What’s something quirky about you? I could live without raisins. Why do they get added to savory dishes? And why are they in trail mix? Grapes should just stay grapes or convert to wine—why must there be an in-between use?

Briana Hetzel

Position: Designer
Hometown: Cardiff By The Sea
What inspires you? Mother nature, my babes, travel...
Must-have HAVEN Children clothing item? Jane embroidered shorts
What’s something quirky about you? I have to eat chocolate every day, I love to dance with my kids every night, and I am super passionate about maternal mortality, specifically a woman's right to a safe birthing environment and the choice to birth anywhere she wants-for me that was at home:) Oh, and I am a trained doula:)

About HAVEN children

We create original clothing to promotes individuality and self-expression. Our efforts in sustainability and social responsibility guide our everyday interactions with the world.

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