10 Must-Do Family Activities This Fall

Fall may just be our favorite season of the year here at HAVEN Children. And why’s that you ask? It’s the best because there are tons of activities you can do as a family for little to no money — including all of these ideas you should put on your fall bucket list ASAP.

1. Harvest Apples
A great way to spend an afternoon as a family is on an apple orchard. It’s a fun way to get outdoors and get some quality time together! Check out ​this list ​of the best apple-picking spots around the country.

2. Attend A Fall Festival
There are all kinds of Fall events centered around food, crafts, music, art and more. ​Find one nearby.

3. Visit A Sunflower Farm
It’s sunflower season Y’all! Take your family to a farm to see the beautiful flowers in full bloom.

4. Host A Harvest Party
Get your family, neighbors, and friends together with this kid-friendly idea. Transform your backyard into a whimsical fall backdrop and get the kids included in the decoration. A great way to get together and have fun!

5. Collect Pinecones
Naturally beautiful and so much fun to collect! Include the whole family and turn them into beautiful centerpieces, art projects and more.

6. Go For A Hayride
Time to kick back, relax and enjoy the ride. Fun for the kids and adults alike!

7. Enjoy Caramel Apple Slices
A new take on the classic treat. Slice your apples and dip or drizzle in caramel. Get creative! Add candy, graham cracker or pretzel toppings for extra crunch and fun!

8. Create A List Of Blessings
Sit down with your family and write down everything you’re grateful in preparation for Thanksgiving.

9. Unplug For The Day
Make a pact and get everyone in the family (parents included) to turn off their cell phones. This is a great way to get some quality time as a family and really enjoy the beautiful season!

10. Make Dinner Inside A Pumpkin
Serve dinner in a cute little carved-out pumpkin using this ​recipe from Country Living​!

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